Your own online management system. Cloud based, Mobile friendly and Easy to use!

Digitise your management manual with standards and BRL’s including forms, workflows, dashboards, remind-ers and an action tracker. 24/7 online insight in your in- and output from KPI’s of your management system. One (or multiple) dashboards with real-time update from you organisation. Simple to achieve, keep and maintain of your certifications.

IMPACTIVE has as result:

  • From a static certificate on the wall to a dynamic and practical application to let certifications become “alive” within your organisation.
  • Forms and the automation of it are available on every device.
  • More control on process.
  • Time saving and keeping overview.



Workflows are used to automate and monitor operational processes. This allows you to keep an overview, manage risks and work more effectively, which results in better decision-making and leaves time for the more important issues. Workflows, forms and actions are assigned to those who are responsible, according to self-determined conditions, triggers, authorisations and timings.

With the touch of a button, all input data from registrations and actions are translated into graphs, in various formats. This way a clear dashboard is developed that provides insight for further optimisation of the organisation.

Registrations and workflows, which are added, maintained and monitored, can result in actions. We offer highly flexible and fully automatic modules and a clear dashboard with task management. As a result, nothing will be forgotten and notifications will automatically be sent out if something is set to expire.

IMPACTIVE is available on PC, mobile and tablet. For colleagues in the field, procedures, forms and tasks are always accessible! With the QR code functionality you can directly navigate to the correct form.


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