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Risk Assessment Tool

With a dynamic risk assessment, it is always accurate and up-to-date

For whom?

Companies that want to follow an effective health and safety policy when it comes to risk management. You would like the risk assessment to be a dynamic document, rather than a static form that is difficult to comply with.

What do we do?

Our Risk Assessment tool provides a tool to make your risk assessment completely dynamic. Instead of a static report, it is a summary table from which areas for improvement can be identified at a glance. The tool is based on mandatory sections from "Occupational Health and Safety Data Sheet 1" and can easily be expanded to include other hazard categories. Our tool has been tested and approved according to Dutch law by an external expert.

What is the result?

You can actively use employee input and involvement to get the best and most valuable information on your health and safety performance. With an overview list, inventory and assessment sheets for each category, you can easily carry out audits and inspections. As a result, your risk assessment is always accurate and up-to-date.

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