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A customised 360° digital learning environment where employees can learn hands-on.

For whom?

Companies that want to take their employees' capacity, skills and knowledge to the next level. You want to use E-learning to let your employees individually or in groups gain practical knowledge in a real-life environment.

What do we do?

With Edumersive, we offer a powerful 360° video E-learning platform to deliver training. Our 360° camera can fully capture a workplace, vehicle or vessel or operations. These images can be enhanced with 2D videos, images, sounds, voices, points of interest and other (interactive) learning elements to compose a training course entirely to specifications. We manage, create, train, assess, evaluate and analyse your customised training in a user-friendly way.

What is the result?

Employees learn in a practical sense through real-life situations. They can take the training as often as they want and whenever they want. It saves time and saves costs. With our customised training courses, you get clear insight into the results and statistics.

Our clients

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