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Reduced costs and improved safety for projects

For whom?

TOP's hazard identification and operability study sessions are designed for corporate and business stakeholders who wish to identify potential risks, hazards and consequences in the workplace. These sessions are beneficial to those in project development decisions, as they can help make changes with minimal cost penalty.

What do we do?

Our experienced multi-disciplined team carries out a structured approach to early hazard assessment. We create a landscape of areas to be assessed, pre-populate matrices with hazards and consequences before the session, instruct on do's & don'ts during the session and provide guidance for risk management procedures.

What is the result?

Through our service, clients can meet legal requirements for risk assessments and achieve inherent process safety with reduced costs. Early identification of hazardous areas and regulatory bodies (stakeholder analyses) is also possible. Sharing knowledge across different functions creates an opportunity for effective decision making while learning from one another. Finally, an evaluation meeting is included after the session(s).

Our clients

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