Risk Assessment Tool

Risk Assessment Tool: Practical and Dynamic

A risk assessment tool is often seen as the heart of an effective health & safety policy. The outcome is often been reported in a document, which is not always effectively implemented or updated. What if there would be a tool which makes the outcome visible all improvements or updates are pro- cessed into a visible and easy to read and easy to share overview.


The Risk Assessment (RA) should be a living document and it’s shape is free. TOP believes that a RA can really be dynamic and can come about through active collabo-ration with the workplace.

TOP therefore has a unique RA Tool which we develo- ped together with our customers. With this, TOP has an instrument that is unique, because it is the first RA that is not static but entirely dynamic. The format is not a report, but a clear overview table on which the areas for improvement can be recognised at a glance.

Approved Concept & Legal Compliance

The TOP RA Tool has been tested and approved by an external expert and is approved according Dutch Law. Combined with TOP’s International Legal Registers, we are able to deliver the RA in compliance with many other national Health & Safety acts.


The RA Tool is based of mandatory parts from ‘Working Conditions Information Sheet 1’ (Dutch law) and can easily be expanded with other hazard categories such as ‘Working near Water’, ‘Ship building & Repair’ or ‘Working with cranes’ and e.g. ‘Psychosicial Workload’. The tool consists of an overview table, which is fed by underlying and active linked assessments sheets per category. TOP ensures that – together with the customer – a complete and up-to-date overview list and inventory lists is produced. Our experts can then perform and complete this RA Tool for you. Or… Your safety experts can do it themselves!

The used assessments sheets per category are also extremely suitable as audit– or inspection lists, after which the output can be processed again in the Risk Assessment Tool itself. Always up-to-date and always complete!

Emplyee Involvement & Consultation

We believe that the best and worthy infomation regarding your OH&S performance, comes from the workfloor itself. We therefore actively use input and involvement of your employees when performing parts of the RA. This is in line with the ISO 45001 demands for employee con- sultation!


– Abraham Lincoln


1. An active and living RA document;
2. Completeness, coordination and delivery are accurately taken care of by our experienced safety experts;
3. Direct involvement by employees and staff;
4. Areas of improvement are clear and visible, so you can focus on what is important;
5. You can carry out an assessment and perform updates yourself;
6. The assessments-sheets are suitable for multiple purposes and they always lead to new input for the RA Tool;
7. A RA Tool that is tested and compliant with (international) laws and legislation.


The investment depends on the company size and focus area’s. If desired, the Risk Assessment Tool can also be bought for self implementation.

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