TOPic: Time Management: Does not exist!

TOPic: Time Management: Does not exist!

A while ago I was on my way to a customer. I had just finished a meeting that I left with more action points than when I went into it. I had no time to prepare for the upcoming consultation and decided to prepare myself in the car. A personal monologue sketching a picture of the situation at the customer and the formulation of the questions that I wanted to ask. I have just started an interesting conversation with myself while the phone is on. Other customer. Where the quote remains. I promise that they will receive it from me tonight. Then tomorrow I will play again with the children, it is no different. Promise is guilty, is it not?

I have to give you something. The above story is not true. I just made it up. But do you recognize it? Maybe you thought: “Well that’s getting ready for a course called Time Management!

Do you know those offers about a ‘Time management’ course? They respond to emotions that we all know. Crowds, stress, overview lost, late at home, sleep bad, etc. The variation in these trainings is huge! A short search yields special results: “Speed ​​reading for Professionals” (do I have to get ‘Speed ​​reading for Beginners’ first?). “Work faster and more effectively by doing more in less time” (I’m already so busy and now I’m learning even more in even less time!) And I think this is a shriek: “Time management in one day”. Really, it exists! Is not it hilarious?

In my opinion, however, there is one thing that will absolutely not let itself be managed, and that is: Time! Have you ever been able to influence the clock? Can speed up or slow down time? We are going crazy with all sorts of tricks that we will do even more in even less time! Let the truckloads of stretchers and prozac stick on tightly! I think I will become a ‘burn-out’ coach! Golden trade!

But how is it? Some time ago I heard the following statement from someone: “If you do not plan for your own life, you will be used for the plans of the other person”. Wow! That appealed to me! Do I pull my own cart, or do I let myself straddle the cart?

Time management is about leadership, dear people. Leadership in your own life, in your work, at home, at the football club, everywhere. Time management is about making the right choices. Or as Steven Covey said: “Leadership is about doing the right things. Management is about doing the things right “. Do not spend time on things that you have not chosen yourself. Time management is about giving guidance to yourself! How else can you lead others?

So first set your own goal. Your compass. Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve and what do you need for that? And more importantly: what not (anymore)! It’s about choosing your strategy. And strategy is not about what you will do, but much more about what you will not do (any longer)!

The result: trust, happiness, results and …. Time! That is another Christmas gift!