The TOP RIE: Controlling risk instead of frustrating work

The TOP RIE: Controlling risk instead of frustrating work

Choose a RIE that allows you to manage your risks instead of an RIE that frustrates your work:
– Get a practical RIE, a living document instead of a paper tiger;
– Involve your employees at the RI & E and ensure that they are informed in the best possible way;
– Take care of the now function-oriented RIE.

Many company managers, KAM coordinators and prevention staff work hard on health and safety and take good care of their employees. Nonetheless, the legally required risk assessment and evaluation – an instrument that contributes to improving working conditions and, among other things, labor productivity – creates negative feelings for many of them. It is experienced as:
– time-consuming
– cumbersome
– not tailored to the organization
– precious

Our experience shows that many managers do not know how to use the RI & E positively. The RI & E is regarded as an end in itself, instead of a means of managing company-specific risks and thereby improving working conditions and labor productivity.

Moreover, the obligation to inform employees about the results of the RI & E is often ‘forgotten’ because they experience this as difficult, difficult, unclear and time-consuming. With as a consequence that:

The precious RI & E in the cupboard will disappear, instead of being used to manage the company-specific risks;
– The plan of action is not followed up;
– Employees are not informed about company-specific risks and the associated management measures;
– Unnecessary accidents happen;
– There is unnecessary loss (absenteeism) of employees;
– Legislation and regulations are not complied with, with the possibility of fines from the Labor Inspectorate.
– Yet it can also be different! By having the TOP RI & E performed by us you can achieve the following:

A risk inventory and evaluation in which you recognize your company, tailored to your specific business risks;
– A means to involve the employees in the inventory and evaluation of the risks and the preparation of the plan of action,
– Motivated employees, because they are continuously involved in the RI & E and its follow-up.