Safety Impact by E-Learning

Safety Impact by E-Learning. Safety basics & risk management tools.

All you need to know fast, efficient and modern standard or tailored

It takes organisations time and money for training and development of basic knowlegde of safety management. Within international operating companies, it is difficult and expensive to train groups in basic knowlegde. We have put all essential knowledge on “international health- & safety basics and risk management tools” in our e-learning program.



What if your employees would have the same insights and knowledge on how to deal with safe- ty issues & -tools, shortly after they joined the company?

The e-learning modules does not present all in- formation, hence this is also to be found in the organization’s QHSE management system, which can be provided as download link(s). Par- ticipants are given parts of information in order to active them to perform self study. The content of our e-learning is universal and applicable within all projects and industries.

Content of our E-learning

Lesson 1: Basics of Safety
What is Safety, What is an Accident, Bow-Tie, Accident Pyramid, Behavioral safety vs Technical safety, Safety Culture

Lesson 2: QHSE Management Systems
QHSE Policies, procedures, work instructions. How does a Manage- ment System work?

Lesson 3: Risk Management Approach
Risk Management, the basics and goal

Lesson 4: Essential Risk Management Tools
Essential tools: HIRA, TRA, Toolboxes, Permit to Work, Lock-out/ Tag-out

Lesson 5: Managing changes, emergencies & reporting
Management of Change, Emergency Response, Incident Reporting

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E.A. Howland, CEO Exxon


Standard version
1. Online setup for tracking of progress of students
2. Accepted by the industry, proven track record & elaborated together with our international operating clients
3. Active workshops during learning to stimulate learning experience
4. Final test per module, and independent certificate provided
5. Customized with logo / look & feel of client, free of charge

Extra’s for client specific setup:
1. Ability to upload and share documents, movies, etc.
2. Customized programs based on essential client wishes or needs.

Blended Learning

We believe that e-learning is very efficient in developing essential knowledge and insights, as startup to a more in depth learning experience. TOP is providing tailored face to face training in developing personal leadership, communication skills and behavior.

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