Safety Escape Room

Mobile Safety Escape Room

With the help of this Escape Room, employees become more aware of the risks and consequences that an unsafe workplace entails. This is done through a game. Something is learned in a fun way. This Safety Escape Room also requires a high degree of collaboration, which is good for team building.

Safety Escape Room


Many incidents still occur in business. The reasons for this may, among other things, have to do with time, money and safety awareness within the company.

Number 1 of the most common accidents at work is working at height. The movement behind this may be that an employee would like to finish his work before he will leave. How easily is it to climb the ladder, without fall protection.

This escape room is aimed at showing what the consequences are as a result of negligence or incorrect action. Thereby the colleagues must work as a team to be able to leave the truck in a healthy and safe way. With this aspect, the escape room is also a fun activity for teambuilding.

Subjects as an example 

  • Health and environmental safety
  • Major accident prevention
  • Safety procedures
  • ATEX
  • Lock out tag out


  • Available at every location
  • 80 attendants per day
  • Fun and educational
  • Possible to implement during the day and the work
  • Teambuilding

Suitable for various sectors, such as: Offshore, petrochemical and Fire brigade.

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