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BRL 9320 Implementation

Comply with laws and regulations for producing asphalt

What do we do?

We are responsible for coordinating some parts of the quality system of all asphalt production sites in the Netherlands. We focus on specific parts of the production process related to producing asphalt according to the BRL 9320 standards. These deal with the environmental quality of (hot) asphalt.

What activities do we carry out?

Our task is to check whether the asphalt production (in clusters) meets the BRL 9320 standards. This involves carrying out laboratory tests on asphalt through random sampling. This is analysed for the various parameters of the Soil Quality Decree. We have drawn up various procedures for this purpose.

It is also our responsibility to draw up and maintain a list of permitted building materials with which asphalt may be produced: OPWA (Description Product Group Warm Asphalt).

Asphalt is only supplied to the market under the BRL 9320 certificate if the asphalt production location is affiliated with TOP and if it complies with the preconditions as described in the OPWA.

CROW 210

The CROW publication 210 'Guideline for dealing with released asphalt' contains seven protocols for determining whether or not existing asphalt contains tar. These protocols explain step by step what to do from the moment the road authority decides to carry out work involving the release of asphalt (preparation) to the moment the asphalt is accepted at a (thermal) processing facility or collector.

Before asphalt plants can accept and store released asphalt (e.g. asphalt granulate) for production (reuse), it is important - in the context of BRL 9320 - that it has been demonstrated that the released asphalt has been treated in accordance with CROW Publication 210.

To help asphalt producers follow this guideline more easily, we have developed 3 forms.

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