BRL 9320 - CROW 210

All asphalt producers, affiliated with the TOP, are certified by the BRL 9320. This certificate has been recognised by VROM as ‘Recognised Quality Declaration’ within the framework of the Dutch Legislation to prevent soil and environment pollution.

For all specific BRL 9320 (‘NCOB’) information such as the ‘OPWA’,  procedures BRL 9320 and such under the CROW-210. Please feel free to contact Tanja Snel on tel. 010 – 820 98 68 or 06-30252412.


In short, the methodology of certification is based on a two-part principle:

  • production must be ‘managed’ (requirements for processes, training, registrations, etc.);
  • the recipe and thus the constituents used should fall within the limits of the ‘Product Description Hot Asphalt’ category.

The ‘Product Description Hot Asphalt Product’ (in short ‘OPWA’) is a demarcation of the product asphalt based on:

  • Method of production (method must comply with Annex I of the section “Asphalt hardening” from the RAW).
  • Environmental hygiene composition according to the soil quality decision.

Manufacturers who are members of the (TOP) Central Database Hot Asphalt, are in possession of this Product Group Description. On this page you can always see what ‘OPWA’ is currently in force and you can download it at any time.

Add new building material?
Do you want to use a constituent building material that does not appear on the OPWA, or whose authorised amount (% IN) is insufficient for your desired dose? Then send us the relevant information at the earliest opportunity. We will contact you about the possibilities.

In favorable cases, the building material can be taken directly and, in other cases, it may be possible to first conduct an (environmental) laboratory analysis in accordance with the BRL 9320. Please take into account an analysis time of 5 weeks up to 4 months!

Contact NCOB related questions

Should you have any questions after reading the above? Please feel free to contact Tanja Snel on tel. 010 – 820 98 68 or 06-30252412. You can of course also contact Tanja by email.

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